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The path to mitigate climate change requires collaboration across the public, social, and private sectors. Explore the latest thought leadership from our climate consulting experts for insight on how to drive real change.

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Climate Policy and Regulation

ESG Compliance in an Era of Tighter Regulation Hero Rectangle

ESG Compliance in an Era of Tighter Regulation

ESG regulations are growing more intricate, and businesses’ fragmented compliance efforts are proving inadequate. Companies should adopt a comprehensive approach to enable efficient risk management and reporting.

US Inflation Reduction Act: Global Implications

In this series, we offer a closer look at the key climate and energy features of the US Inflation Reduction Act, examining the implications, opportunities, and growth and value pools it provides, for firms in the years ahead.

COP27: An Inside Perspective

Expectations were tempered by a challenging global environment, but there was still progress made in Sharm El-Sheikh—most notably on the issue of supporting those who will suffer the most from climate change.

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The Future Is Mainstream Green: Introducing a New Growth Strategy

This is a guide for chief marketing officers to take green beyond niche and into the mainstream. Mainstream Green is about driving sustainable choices by all consumers, not just those who are moved by sustainable claims. To reach our collective climate ambitions, we need massive consumer change—a widespread embrace of new products, new services, new marketing, and new behaviors.

CMOs are well positioned to drive customer-centric change because they understand consumers’ concerns and aspirations and have a platform within companies to make change happen. By following this guide, CMOs can take practical steps toward helping us get to Mainstream Green.

Climate Innovation and Tech

Finance and Investment

Sustainable Finance Poses Risks and Promises Opportunities

The climate transition will yield both winners and losers; to thrive, businesses need a clear equity story and impact thesis as they decarbonize and invest.

Sustainability, Inc: A Podcast by BCG and FORTUNE Brand Studios

The race to net zero is on, and the stakes have never been higher. But the only way we'll achieve this goal is if the global business community steps up to the front lines to create climate impact. Each week, our podcast spotlights real, inspiring stories of companies disrupting the status quo and taking action to accelerate the new sustainable economy.

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Nature and Environment

Industry Spotlight

For Business Leaders

Peter Altmaier Is Optimistic About Europe’s Economy

In an interview with BCG’s Jens Kengelbach, Altmaier points out that Europe has successfully overcome past crises. Nonetheless, it should accelerate efforts to mitigate climate change.

Climate Action’s Hidden Opportunities for Women

Climate action has a gender-neutral lens, but this lack of intentionality allows underlying biases to sneak in and negatively impact women. BCG managing director and partner Zineb Sqalli offers solutions for advancing both sustainability and gender equality.

The-Challenges-of-a-Sustainability-Transformation-Hero-Rectangle (1).jpg

The Challenges of a Sustainability Transformation

When it comes to sustainability, senior leaders are shifting from ambition to execution—and that’s the hard part. Companies know they need to decarbonize and improve sustainability across their value chains, but often they struggle to translate that ambition into results.

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The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability

Climate Change and Sustainability