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The 2020 TMT Value Creators Report

Staying Vital in the New Decade

FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Many technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies were winners in value creation in the last decade. Can these companies continue to innovate as they expand—reshaping ecosystems that fueled their past success—and can they excite consumers and businesses while grappling with issues of privacy, influence, trust, and regulation?


The Last Decade Was Great, but What About the Next?

As the 2010s closed, the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector was standing strong. Seven TMT companies were among the ten most valuable public companies in the world. Do they have the right ingredients to sustain that performance in the 2020s?

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The Tech Star Keeps Burning Bright

Many tech companies are reaching middle age and need to reinvent and transform themselves to stay relevant. They also need to broaden their core purpose to address their role and influence in society and their effect on the environment.

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In Media, Subscriptions Matter Most

As entertainment, print, and gaming companies pursue subscriptions in a crowded field, they need to create the right offer at the right price for the right customers—or risk losing them altogether.

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Unlocking and Building Value in Telecom

Operators have struggled to break free from the familiar constraints of regulation, legacy, and often-unfavorable competitive dynamics. Rather than bleed outdated business models dry, the future demands that they be bolder in strategy and execution.



Simon Bamberger

Managing Director & Partner

Los Angeles


Wolfgang Bock


Headshot of BCG expert Hady Farag

Hady Farag

Partner & Director, Shareholder Value Strategy

New York

Headshot of BCG expert Anna Green

Anna Green

Managing Director & Senior Partner


Headshot of BCG expert Derek Kennedy

Derek Kennedy

Managing Director & Senior Partner

San Francisco - Bay Area


Rocío Lorenzo


Headshot of BCG expert Vaishali Rastogi

Vaishali Rastogi

Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Leader, Technology, Media, & Telecommunications Practice



Steffen Stern

Partner & Associate Director


Headshot of BCG expert Maikel Wilms

Maikel Wilms

Partner & Director, Communications



Neal Zuckerman

Managing Director & Senior Partner

New York

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