As a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Travel, Cities & Infrastructure (TCI) practice, Ed Crouch is BCG’s global leader for travel tech and distribution. Ed has worked extensively with travel suppliers, especially in airlines, hospitality, and theme parks. He also serves a broad set of travel distribution players, including global distribution systems, meta-search, travel management companies, and more traditional travel agencies.

Ed’s work focuses on marketing, sales, and pricing (MSP), with which he has extensive experience in lower-funnel commercial topics, primarily loyalty and revenue management. Ed’s MSP work is primarily in TCI, retail, and consumer packaged goods.

In addition, Ed is BCG’s global leader for loyalty and memberships. He has led multiple efforts across industries to rethink loyalty offerings, supported the creation of multiple new loyalty programs, and supported loyalty efforts from strategy through implementation. Ed has also worked extensively in revenue management within the TCI space, including demand forecasting, revenue management performance diagnostics, and development of revenue management capabilities and operating models.