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In today’s media industry, success requires new business models, the ability to leverage disruptive technologies, and a relentless focus on operational efficiency. For established companies and digital pure plays alike, one thing is certain: as the media industry evolves, the most successful companies will evolve with it.

Our Expertise Across Media and Entertainment

We work with media and entertainment companies across the globe—and across the industry’s subsectors and ecosystems.

Our Approach to Media and Entertainment Transformation

Major shifts—in how content is created, consumed, and purchased—are reshaping today’s media industry. We help companies develop the strategies and capabilities that let them react to the changes, so they can thrive amidst disruption—and create some of their own.

  • Acquiring and Retaining Subscribers. We develop pricing optimization and customer acquisition strategies for media and entertainment companies, so they can stand out with compelling value propositions.
  • Zero-Based Budgeting for Media Companies. With our zero-based budgeting (ZBB) methodology, we identify inefficient spending in an organization—across marketing and sales, supply chains, and operating models—and determine how to better use the funds to support sustainable, long-term growth.
  • Data Transformation and Commercialization. Our media and entertainment consultants guide companies through data transformation and commercialization by using new and existing data sources to generate entirely new revenue streams, business units, or businesses.
  • Advertising in the Aftermath of COVID. We help ad publishers accelerate recovery and growth while mitigating risk, diversifying revenue streams, and streamlining operations.
  • Tech Stacks. Technology is at the heart of the transformation agenda of media companies. Our deep knowledge of tech stacks in media allows us to develop solutions that enable transformation and drive efficiencies.
  • Radical Organization Design. Many of the enablers of media transformation—digital initiatives, advanced analytics, the use of technology in media—require new skills and talent, and new approaches to how companies are structured. Our media and entertainment consultants help implement organization design in ways that empower people, foster innovation, and deliver competitive advantage.

BCGのメディアおよびエンターテインメントの両コンサルティングチームを強化しているのは、技術構築・デザイン部門であるBCG Xや、グローバルクリエイティブコンサルティング部門であるBrightHouseなどのスペシャリティ部門です。

Our Impact in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Our media and entertainment consultants advise both traditional media companies and digital pure plays in video, gaming, publishing, music, sports media, cinema, and B2B information services. Here are a few examples of our work:


Our Media and Entertainment Institutes

We also produce thought leadership for the media industry through our three specialized institutes:

Global Institute for B2B Information Services

Global Institute for the Future of Television (GIFT)

Global Institute for Journalism

Our Insights on the Media Industry

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