Media Industry

Content matters—but so do subscriptions, personalization, and customer insight. We help media and entertainment companies master the strategies and enablers that spark transformation.

In today’s media industry, success requires new business models, the ability to leverage disruptive technologies, and a relentless focus on operational efficiency. For established companies and digital pure plays alike, one thing is certain: as the media industry evolves, the most successful companies will evolve with it.

Our Expertise Across Media and Entertainment

We work with media and entertainment companies across the globe—and across the industry’s subsectors and ecosystems.

Our Approach to Media and Entertainment Transformation

Major shifts—in how content is created, consumed, and purchased—are reshaping today’s media industry. We help companies develop the strategies and capabilities that let them react to the changes, so they can thrive amidst disruption—and create some of their own.

Bolstering our media consulting teams are our specialty businesses: BCG GAMMA, our experts in advanced analytics and data science; BrightHouse, a BCG company and a global creative consultancy; BCG Digital Ventures, our early-stage growth platform; and BCG Platinion, which develops the technology platforms and IT architecture best suited for the needs of media and entertainment companies.

Meet Our Media Consulting Team

Our Media and Entertainment Institutes

We also produce thought leadership for the media industry through our three specialized institutes:

Global Institute for B2B Information Services

Global Institute for the Future of Television (GIFT)

Global Institute for Journalism

Our Impact in the Media Industry

Our media and entertainment consultants advise both traditional media companies and digital pure plays in video, gaming, publishing, music, sports media, cinema, and B2B information services. Here are a few examples of our work:

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メディア企業の伝統とトランスフォーメーション(構造的変革):BCG TURN

BCG TURNはメディア企業がデジタル時代に適応するお手伝いをしています。メディア企業は、デジタル時代の新しい働き方をリーダーシップチームと組織カルチャー全体に植え付ける必要があります。


In Media, Subscriptions Matter Most

As entertainment, print, and gaming companies pursue subscriptions in a crowded field, they need to create the right offer at the right price for the right customers—or risk losing them altogether.

Pay TV Still Has Room to Grow

BCG’s Demand Centric Growth methodology can help providers find new audiences despite the threat from streaming services and other insurgents.