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Rich data and innovative pricing models are creating great opportunities for B2C companies. But mastering pricing means orchestrating an array of capabilities and functions. BCG develops the enablers and ways of working that unleash the power of B2C pricing.

B2C pricing isn’t a moving target—it’s many moving targets. A company needs to match the right customer with the right price while behaviors, demand, and preferences evolve. And it needs to consider how pricing contributes to, or even defines, its brand’s image. It also needs to work across silos, leverage rich sets of data, and deliver quick wins and long-term impact.

Getting all of this right requires many capabilities—often new ones. It calls for speed, precision, and a careful choreography between technical enablers, such as advanced analytics, and human expertise. By providing a unique blend of business strategy, analytics, tools, and enablement, we build a foundation for mastering B2C pricing.

We help each company work across the organization as a team to develop innovative pricing models, seize new opportunities, and unlock the full potential—and value—of its B2C pricing strategy.

BCG’s B2C Pricing Services

We view B2C pricing not as a project but as a journey. Yet paths will vary, depending upon the specific goals and circumstances of any given business. That’s why we take the following industry-focused approach to designing and executing a consumer pricing strategy.

Consumer Packaged Goods


Travel, Tourism, and Airlines

Technology, Media, and Telecom


Our B2C Pricing Capabilities and Tools

We combine a deep knowledge of industry-specific pricing with technical expertise in analytics, AI, and digital and data platforms. Our B2C pricing consultants also draw upon BCG’s unique tools, resources, and methodologies to help companies create a foundation for long-term, sustainable impact.



ビジネスのバックボーンを備えたアナリティクスのパワーハウスであるBCG GAMMAは、データとAIの可能性を最大限に引き出します。BCG GAMMAのデータサイエンティストと技術者のグローバルネットワークが、カスタマイズされたエンドツーエンドのソリューションを開発し、企業という生地にアナリティクスを織り込みます。そしてビジネスパフォーマンスを変革します。


Pricing Catalyst by BCG

Pricing Catalystは、プライシングとレベニューマネジメントのためのカスタマイズ可能な使いやすいアプリケーションです。アドバンスト・アナリティクスが組み込まれており、価格弾力性、プロモーション・マネジメントなどB2Cプライシングの重要な側面に関する実用的なインサイトを迅速に提供します。



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