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Our B2B Pricing Tools and Solutions

Our B2B pricing consultants draw upon BCG’s global network of thought leaders—experts across industries and functions—to create the pricing strategy and the operating model that best fit a client’s needs. We also leverage some unique resources:



    Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are critical for B2B pricing, fueling such cutting-edge capabilities as dynamic pricing. Our pricing experts teamed with BCG GAMMA—an analytics powerhouse with a business backbone—to develop Price.AI, our dynamic revenue management solution. The effort achieved the holy grail of B2B pricing: setting the right price for the right customer at the right time.

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    Pricing Catalyst by BCG

    Through powerful B2B pricing analytics—including Price.AI—our pricing software solution identifies pricing opportunities, generates pricing guidelines and recommendations, simulates the impact of price changes, and evaluates the performance of these initiatives.


    Pricing Enablement Centers

    BCGs’ five pricing enablement centers—in Atlanta, Munich, Paris, San Francisco, and Singapore—provide upskilling, coaching, and guidance on best practices. They embed the behaviors and mindset that drive innovation and continuous improvement in B2B pricing.


    SaaSプラットフォームの将来も有効な簡素化されたプライシング。BCGのクライアントである、企業向けSaaS(Software as a Service)のあるトップクラス・プロバイダーは、ソリューションをよりうまく収益化し、割引をより厳格にマネジメントし、SaaSのプライシングプロセスを合理化したいと考えていました。BCGのB2Bプライシングのエキスパートは、プライシング指標の数を70%減らし、時代遅れのユーザーベースのプライシングモデルを、高価値サービスと大量サービスを区別する2層のトランザクションベースの戦略に置き換えました。企業への導入とクロスセリングを加速させるため、「より良い組み合わせ」のセットを開発しました。割引ロジックにアドバンスト・アナリティクスを導入し、BCGのPricing Catalystソリューションを通じて、クライアントのCPQ(構成、価格、見積もり)システムに割引ガイダンスを統合しました。


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    Inflation is forcing B2B CEOs to rethink pricing

    Inflation Is Forcing B2B CEOs to Rethink Pricing

    Rather than see B2B inflation as a dire threat, companies should view it as an ideal opportunity to make long-overdue changes to pricing practices. The attention of senior leaders will never be more focused on pricing than it is right now.

    Beyond the Black Box in Pricing Rectangle

    Beyond the Black Box in Pricing

    When B2B companies let technology drive their pricing governance models, they can lose sight of their strategic objectives. Smart pricing authority keeps them on course.

    B2Bプライシング 最近の論考

    B2Bプライシング エキスパート

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