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At a time of fluctuating market and economic conditions, both banks and corporations must focus on strengthening resilience and optimizing net income. BCG helps chief financial officers holistically manage and fine-tune their balance sheet to reduce risk and maximize reward—and trains them on how to initiate the right dialogue with their executive board in order to ensure the company remains cost- efficient while maintaining flexibility and resilience.

Our Approach to Balance Sheet Optimization

BCG’s balance sheet optimization helps CFOs manage risk more effectively in order to increase net income. We’ve handled everything, including:

  • Increasing profitability 
  • Improving resilience 
  • Optimizing operating model strategies 
  • Transforming corporate treasuries front-to-back 

Our balance sheet management consulting team combines industry insights culled from extensive outside-in benchmarking (captured in a biannual treasury benchmarking survey) along with a library of levers and target-operating-model best practices, and proprietary tools and modelling solutions to transform portfolios and create more-resilient, strategic balance sheets.

Explore Our Insights on Balance Sheet Optimization

Meet Our Balance Sheet Management Consulting Team

Our team’s balance sheet management acumen stems from our vast experience in the risk management and compliance and corporate finance and strategy fields, our holistic approach to business transformation, and the strong relationships our team has developed over time with financial institutions, CFOs, and corporate treasury leaders. Here are some of our experts on the topic.

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