BCGは、地方、国、世界レベルでの教育改革に深い専門知識・経験を有しています。これには、インドでの220万人の学生の学習成果の改善や、米国での教育を強化するためのビル&メリンダ・ゲイツ財団Walton Family Foundationのような非営利団体との協働が含まれます。

また、従来の教育のほかにも、住民が将来の労働力に求められるスキルと能力を得られるよう、政府や企業が 生涯学習の機会を提供するための支援も行っています。



At BCG, we have deep expertise in supporting transformative education initiatives at the local, national, and global levels. The heart of our education consulting practice serves traditional educational institutions, for learners from early-childhood education all the way through to lifelong learning. Beyond traditional education, we also help governments and businesses provide opportunities for lifelong learning so that people can gain the skills and capabilities that future workforces will require.

BCG serves as a thought leader and collaborator for prominent global education partners, delivering results including:

  • Improving student-learning outcomes for 2.2 million students in India.
  • Partnering with not-for-profit foundations—such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation—to strengthen education in the US.
  • Hosting conventions on early-childhood education and preschool, bringing together key providers, funders, and experts.
  • Developing a multisector strategy together with UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited, ensuring every young person worldwide has access to education, training, and age-appropriate employment by 2030.
  • Serving as a strategic partner for the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils, defining a new agenda for education, skills, technology, and the future of work.
  • Supporting millions of children whose education has been disrupted by conflicts and natural disasters through UNICEF’s Education Cannot Wait nonprofit.



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