Globalization Challenge

Setting the Pace for International Business

Nationalism and protectionism are on the rise, and growth rates in emerging markets are diverging. But international business is far from flatlining: globalization’s essential rules are being redefined—and its pace is accelerating.


Even as the world becomes more decentralized politically and physically, customers, devices, services, processes, and businesses continue to integrate digitally. The simultaneous rise of economic nationalism and of digital integration is redefining the international business landscape that has shaped our understanding of globalization. BCG helps companies adapt their products, approaches, and business models to the new global reality.

Companies must take a more nuanced approach to identifying and creating growth opportunities. They must navigate an increasingly fragmented and volatile global economy.

How Can Businesses Take Advantage of Globalization?

BCG helps companies absorb the shock of global volatility by building capabilities and structures that enable data integration, flexibility, and agility across borders and businesses.

Globalization Isn't Declining—It's Transforming

The world economy is far from dead. As BCG’s Arindam Bhattacharya explains, it’s growing.


  • 多国籍企業 BCGは、多国籍企業が世界市場と現地市場の両方での事業機会を通じて新興市場での成長を実現できるよう支援しています。BCGのツールを活用して、多国籍企業は消費者トレンドの進化や現地競合企業の台頭を先取りして優位性を築くことができます。
  • 新興国発のグローバルで活躍する企業、および新興国の強力企業 BCGは新興国発のグローバル急成長企業(「グローバル・チャレンジャー企業」)、および、それをめざす現地企業を支援しています。私たちの戦略的支援は、こうした企業の母国市場での勝利やグローバル市場でのリーダー企業との競争の助けとなっています。
  • 政府機関・地方自治体 私たちは経済発展促進のため、さまざまな政府機関や地方自治体と協働しています。世界各地で、各国・地方の事業環境の評価や、海外からの直接投資を促進し官民パートナーシップを構築する方策の立案を支援しています。

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International Trade

The rapidly evolving international trade environment presents great risks. BCG positions companies to capitalize on the opportunities by helping them understand trade dynamics, build resilience, and create a playbook for success.

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Customer Insight

BCG’s Center for Customer Insight gathers proprietary data and taps our on-the-ground expertise in markets such as China, India, Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Mexico. We highlight income and consumption trends, track consumer sentiment, gauge brand loyalty, and understand when and how consumers trade up.

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