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Future of Television

The TV landscape is changing rapidly. Through a unique forum that brings together experts from across the television industry, we help players explore new trends—and seize new opportunities.

The television industry is not the industry it was a decade—or even a year—ago. The TV market is seeing rapid, continual shifts, and success means understanding, anticipating, and leveraging all of them.

We created the Global Institute for the Future of Television (GIFT) to provide the insight that shapes strategies and leaders. Through research, discussion, and deep dives on the latest trends, our experts identify new ways to succeed.

How We Help Shape the Future of Television

Winning in today’s market requires more than great content. It calls for a deep understanding of viewers: what they want to watch, how they want to watch it, and what keeps them from turning the dial—or deleting the app. It requires new approaches to producing content, new go-to-market strategies, and new ways to interact with customers. It demands skillful—and continuous—adaptation, as well as innovation in future television technology.

Our Global Institute for the Future of Television helps on all of these fronts by unleashing the power of analysis, technology, and networking:

  • Unique thought leadership. Whether it’s the latest subscription models or the future of television advertising, we develop sharp insights that help companies navigate, and build upon, emerging trends.
  • Cutting-edge research.Through surveys and studies, our television consultants take the pulse of consumers to understand how preferences and behavior are changing the dynamics—and the playing field—of today’s video and TV market.
  • Tools and enablers. We help companies zero in on the human and technical capabilities—such as business model innovation, customer insights, and data and analytics—that can take them, and the television and video industries, in bold new directions.
  • A venue for discussion—and ideas. Through small group events and panel discussions, we foster dialogue and new ideas, giving leaders an opportunity to share experiences and best practices.

Our Impact on the Television and Video Industries

Tapping the expertise of our television consultants, our analyses aren’t just timely—they help companies stay ahead of the times. Our recent work includes:


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