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Profit from the Source: BCG’s New Book

To succeed in challenging times, CEOs must do the seemingly impossible: capture cost savings while achieving additional competitive advantages, including innovation, sustainability, and resilience. CEOs can do all of this by taking what may seem like a surprising step: empowering their procurement function to liberate new value from their top supplier relationships.

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BCG’s Operations Work with Clients

We have completed more than 3,000 operations projects for clients in recent years. The stories featured here speak to the impacts our operations teams have achieved through close partnerships with clients.


Our Operations Tools and Solutions


Powered by cutting-edge machine learning and optimization models, BCG X's proprietary advanced analytics solution solves end-to-end supply chain optimization problems easier, faster, and more cost-effectively


MFG AI’s integrated offering for AI-powered manufacturing transformations brings together BCG’s operations know-how and advanced analytics capabilities to unlock value at scale on the shop floor, enabling a 10% to 25% productivity improvement.

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Supply Chain AI

Our AI-powered solution helps design, plan, and optimize supply chains for efficiency, agility, and resilience.

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Procurement AI

Advanced analytics and AI enablers optimize spend, category management, and supplier collaboration.


Compass Performance Benchmarking by BCG

Our proprietary solution provides performance comparisons against best-in-class leaders to unlock competitive advantage in operations.

Our Centers of Excellence for Operations

オペレーション エキスパート

BCGのグローバル・ネットワークを構成する1,000名を超えるオペ ーションに精通したコンサルタントは、長年、クライアントと協働し てオペレーションのあらゆる側面から新たな価値を生み出してきた実 績を有しています。私たちのチームには、オペレーション・コストの 専門コンサルタント、オペレーション領域の経験が豊富な経営コンサ ルタント、シニア・アドバイザー、オペレーションセンターの専門家 といったエキスパートがそろっています。

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BCG-WEF Project: AI-Powered Industrial Operations

Manufacturers need to optimize for increased productivity, improved sustainability, greater resilience, and a stronger workforce. How can they harness the latest technologies to realize these goals?

オペレーション 最近の論考など

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The Zero-Based Factory

To enhance competitiveness, companies must take a clean-sheet approach to deciding what, where, and how to manufacture.

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