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Supply Chain Management

BCG helps organizations focus on building resilience and sustainability into their supply chains to mitigate disruptions and trade instability. We also help maximize the return on these critical investments.

In today’s business climate, customer expectations are increasingly diverse, complex, and volatile. Potential markets and optimum manufacturing locations are continually shifting. With increased interdependencies at every level, supply chain networks have become more vulnerable to costly natural and economic disruptions.

Smart companies respond to these pressures by making their supply chains agile, adaptive, and sustainable. They ensure that their supply chain strategy mirrors their overall business strategy. They know that the most effective supply management responds quickly to even small changes in demand—and relies on smart deployment and planned resilience. And they understand that sustainable operations and more efficient, greener supply chains deliver benefits for both business and the environment alike.

What Does Supply Chain Strategy Look Like in Uncertain Times?

Though the current circumstances are unprecedented, BCG is able to successfully apply best practices and lessons from previous crises. Above all, companies must make supply chain decisions that are fast, decisive, and accurate. Companies must then implement those decisions rapidly and transparently.

For example, some companies set up control towers that provide end-to-end visibility into their supply chains and other critical assets. When disruptions emerge—or reemerge—they can act swiftly to stabilize their operations.

Our Capabilities in End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization

We help companies reach peak supply chain performance by improving the metrics critical to success:

  • Cost, such as operational expenditures
  • Speed, such as order fulfilment lead time
  • Delivery, such as forecast accuracy

Our supply chain optimization services span several dimensions.

Our Process

We begin each supply chain engagement by evaluating a company’s site and market. We assess the performance of the current chain and identify essential areas for improvement.

Then we conduct a comprehensive diagnostic analysis that covers everything from a company’s strategy, network, and processes to its organization, systems, and people. We deliver a detailed implementation plan that we can also help execute.

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BCG Ranks as a Worldwide Leader in Operations Improvement Consulting

BCG was named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Operations Improvement Consulting Services 2023–2024 Vendor Assessment due to our focus on fast, measurable impact through execution and more.

Our Supply Chain Management Work with Clients

GSK’s Digital Path to Operational Excellence

Deploying artificial intelligence at scale and digitizing supply chains aren't easy tasks. But pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline surmounted the challenges. How? It executed a disciplined data-and-analytics transformation program that unlocked maximum value--fast.

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Profit from the Source: BCG’s Book on The New Role of Procurement

To succeed in challenging times, CEOs must do the seemingly impossible: capture cost savings while achieving additional competitive advantages, including innovation, sustainability, and resilience. CEOs can do all of this by taking what may seem like a surprising step: empowering their procurement function to liberate new value from their top supplier relationships.

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Our Supply Chain Tools and Solutions


サプライチェーンAIは、戦略、設計から統合プランニング、最適化された実行まで、企業のサプライチェーンの変革に向けて包括的アプローチをとります。私たちは、BCG Xによる独自の一連のAIソリューションに支えられて、トランスフォーメーションを加速させる計画、プロセス、スキル、カルチャーを構築しつつ、カギとなる7つのサプライチェーン組織能力を高めます。

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最先端の機械学習と最適化モデルに支えられたBCG X独自のアドバンスト・アナリティクス・ソリューションは、エンドツーエンドのサプライチェーン最適化の課題をより容易に、より迅速に、よりコスト効率よく、解決に導きます。

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AIを活用した製造トランスフォーメーション向けにMFG AIが提供する統合サービスは、BCGのオペレーションに関するノウハウとアドバンスト・アナリティクスの組織能力を組み合わせたもので、生産現場における価値を大規模に引き出し、生産性の10%~25%向上を可能にします。


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Our Centers of Excellence for Supply Chain Management

Our Latest Insights on Supply Chain Management

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Companies that transform their supply chain for digitization, resilience, and sustainability while optimizing costs will create a powerful source of innovation and competitive advantage.

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BCG-WEF Project: AI(人工知能)を活用した産業オペレーション


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