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Our Approach to 5G Technology

Designing a 5G-Ready Organization. Partnerships, cross-functional teamwork, developing 5G business opportunities quickly and efficiently: all require a more agile, collaborative, entrepreneurial mindset—and organization. Our 5G consultants develop the roles, ways of working, and culture that foster innovation, experimentation, and collective action. And we make it all stick through robust change management.

Identifying 5G Use Cases

Maximizing Monetization

Developing a Cross-Functional Operating Model

Pursuing Partnerships

Designing a 5G-Ready Organization

Our Client Impact in 5G Technology

We work with players across the 5G ecosystem, such as tower companies, and partner with industry leaders to identify compelling 5G use cases and business models. Here are a few examples of our work:




ビジネスにおける5G 最近の論考

How Mobile Operators Can Profitably Deploy 5G Technology

To capture 5G’s full benefits, operators must key their capex investments to how customers will actually use the network.

What Five Trends Mean for Telcos | Rectangle

What Five Trends Mean for Telcos

To succeed, telcos will have to navigate a series of shocks and trends that will force them to revisit their traditional strategic approaches.

Accelerating the 5G Economy in the US-Hero-Rectangle

Accelerating the 5G Economy in the US

By adding spectrum capacity, fostering innovation, and upgrading its workforce, the US can strengthen its lead in mobile communications—and increase its economic growth by more than $1.4 trillion by 2030.

5Gテクノロジー領域 エキスパート

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