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Companies can build a data and digital platform that delivers three to five times the value in half the time and at half the cost. Our digital platform consultants help clients enable new digital services and upgrade their core IT.

A digital transformation is a journey—and a prerequisite to modernizing IT. But that doesn’t mean you need to revamp your entire IT architecture to generate meaningful value. There’s a smarter way.

What Is a Digital Platform?

To implement a digital platform, first you must understand what a digital platform is. The characteristics of digital platforms include:

  • Data can be liberated from old, inflexible legacy core systems.
  • Data can be owned by the business, not IT, which is critical to prioritizing and driving business use cases.
  • The business side can roll out new use cases independent of IT’s decisions about how and at what pace to upgrade the core.
  • New digital services can be delivered every few weeks, powered by artificial intelligence and leveraging open-source software and cloud services.
  • Differentiating engineering capabilities can be re-shored and built in-house, improving time to value.




  • データ戦略。その企業にとってデータが生み出し得る価値、そしてその実現に向けたロードマップに関する構造化された立証済みの見解を提供します。 
  • データガバナンス。組織のニーズとカルチャーに応じてカスタマイズされた、データ管理およびアナリティクスのターゲット・オペレーティングモデルを作成します。 
  • レガシーERP。レガシーERPプラットフォームから移行し、次世代データ/デジタル・プラットフォームを構築します。 

Our Work with Clients on Data and Digital Platforms

We have helped many of our clients build and realize the benefits of digital platforms as part of their digital transformations. Examples include:

Embracing Agile at Scale to Manage Disruptive Change

Ista CEO Hagen Lessing explains why he believes every company can benefit from adopting an agile-at-scale management system.

How CWS Transitioned to a Data-Driven Sales Approach ​

Adriana Nuneva, chief digital officer of CWS Group, explains how the company’s shift to a holistic, data-driven approach emboldened the company's growing sales force, sparking a massive boost in productivity.

BCG X and Orange Built a Customer-Centric Marketing Ecosystem

Replace product-centric marketing with an AI-driven, personalized strategy to reach the right customer with the right offer at the right time, no matter the channel.

How Citizens Is Competing—and Winning—Against Fintechs

Michael Ruttledge, CIO of Citizens, explains how a digital transformation has allowed the company to compete against fast-moving startups.




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Meet Our Data and Digital Platform Consulting Team

Our data and digital platform consultants and industry experts help clients create the foundation for a successful digital transformation. Here are some of our experts on the topic.

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