Hannah Hill is a core member of Boston Consulting Group's Social Impact practice. Within that practice, Hannah has a special focus on, and has led engagements in, education and the digital divide, and climate and sustainability. She also has experience working on engagements in operations, tech advantage, and consumer topics.

Hannah is committed to BCG's pro bono activity and developed a corporate partnership and social services scaling model for an inclusive hiring organization and established a donor engagement strategy for a major New York museum. Hannah co-leads the firm's Inclusion Accelerator, and helped plan a Women@BCG conference for 200+ attendees and moderated a four-person panel on advocacy.

At BCG, the focus of her work has been on systemic inequities and closing the digital divide. She has authored multiple publications on the topics, as well as appeared on several national panels and the Atlantic's Metamorphosis podcast. Before joining the firm, Hannah worked as an economic consultant for Charles River Associates, focusing on anti-trust and mergers. Prior to that, she spent time in Africa, working on economic development and social impact across Ghana, Mauritius, Rwanda, and Kenya.