The Biodiversity Imperative for Business: Preserving the Foundations of Our Well-Being

Torsten Kurth Gerd Wübbels Alexander Meyer zum Felde Sophie Zielcke Mario Vaupel Mayra Buschle

Biodiversity is an essential foundation of our economic well-being. The annual value of its services, such as pollination, the formation of fertile soils, or disaster mitigation, can be estimated at approximately twice the value of global GDP. But this value is at significant risk, declining by at least 3% every year. Our joint publication with the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) explains the economic imperative for action on biodiversity loss and highlights the role of business: While corporate activity is currently a driver of major pressures on biodiversity, such as land use, overexploitation, or pollution, companies across industries can also be key enablers of biodiversity preservation. Collaborative action by all stakeholders is needed now – to integrate the value of biodiversity in our decision-making and develop solutions that harmonize nature and economic growth.