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To make product design more inclusive, clients must first understand what inclusive products are: goods, services, or ideas that are designed, marketed, and distributed in a way that achieves fairness and equal outcomes for customers regardless of race, sex, gender identity, and abilities.

Inclusive products can be profitable, scalable, and advantageous. Successful companies embed product inclusion metrics and design thinking into all stages of product development.

Our Approach to Inclusive Product Design

BCG’s equitable product design experts help clients enable product transformation and deliver heightened performance throughout all four stages of the product-development life cycle.

Companies should consider design, architecture, and ecosystem principles at each stage to develop an inclusive and equitable product, while asking these relevant questions:

1. Assess

2. Define

3. Enable

4. Develop

In other words, design is just one aspect of equitable product design. Our approach is data driven, ensuring equity at every stage. It’s also built around ongoing user engagement. And it is all encompassing, ensuring that all parties in the surrounding ecosystem are following principles of equity and inclusion.

Our Insights on Inclusive Product Design


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Meet Our Product Inclusion Consulting Team

Our product inclusion consulting team leads clients through a structured four-step process of assessing, enabling, defining, and developing inclusive products. We also have a product equity checklist that can help define critical questions, ensuring that our clients’ ecosystems of partners are following inclusive product development principles. Here are some of our experts.

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