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Podcasts from Women@BCG

Winning the Race for Women in Digital

By 2024 more than two-thirds of computing-related jobs in the U.S. could go unfilled due to the insufficient pool of college graduates with computing-related degrees. Women make up 36% of the university graduates in STEM yet only 25% of the STEM workforce, and only 9% hold executive levels roles.

In this episode, Katie Abouzahr, principal, and Frances Brooks Taplett, global people senior director, discuss how to close the gap in recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in digital.

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Two Groups You Can’t Ignore (But Probably Do) in the War for Talent

The war for talent is fiercer than ever, due to low unemployment and a growing global economy. As career paths become less linear and people change jobs more frequently (every three years on average for millennials), companies cannot afford to overlook any potential resources—particularly alumni and workforce returnees, whose numbers are likely to grow in the coming years.

In this episode, Katie Abouzahr, principal, and Jenn Garcia-Alonso, global Women@BCG director discuss the three critical components for creating an effective program to tap into and retain both pools of talent.

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Advancing Gender Diversity: From Backlash to Buy-in

As the movement to advance women in business and society gains traction, so does backlash and resistance.

In this episode, Katie Abouzahr, principal, speaks with Jenny Boddington of Chief Executive Women and BCG Senior Partner Andrew Clark, representing Male Champions for Change, about the reasons people respond differently to this change, underlying drivers of resistance, and what leaders can do to help.

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Jenny Boddington

Chair, Business Engagement at Chief Executive Women


Women on the Move: Shaping Leaders Through Overseas Postings

BCG research shows that, contrary to popular belief, the majority of women are willing to travel abroad for work. By making international posts more appealing to women as well as to men, companies can build more balanced leadership teams.

In this episode, Principal Katie Abouzahr and Partner Leila Hoteit discuss five steps that CEOs and senior leaders can take to ensure that women are gaining the critical international experience they need to advance in their organizations.

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From Banking to Ballet to Management Consulting

Today, careers rarely follow a straight line to the top.

In this episode, Principal Katie Abouzahr interviews Global People Senior Director Frances Taplett about her surprising path to BCG and the ebbs and flows of her career once she arrived at the firm, including roles on the consulting and business services sides.

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Helping an “Old school” Industry Embrace Diversity

The aerospace and defense industry was not initially on the radar of Principal Lacy Ketzner. But to her delight, she has found an industry that is open to change, embracing digital, and increasingly diverse.

Listen as Lacy and Principal Katie Abouzahr discuss the exciting changes and opportunities in this industry.

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Following Your Purpose with a Side of Trial and Error

In this episode, Principal Katie Abouzahr chats with MIT Solve Executive Director Alex Amouyel, a BCG alumna, about how Alex’s secondment to Save the Children while a BCG consultant led her to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship.

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Alex Amouyel



Making the Workplace Work for Dual-Career Couples

Companies are increasingly looking at gender diversity, particularly at senior-leadership levels, but they need to reframe the discussion from “women in the C-suite” to “leaders—both women and men—from dual-career households in the C-suite.”

In this episode, Katie Abouzahr, Principal, and Frances Taplett, global consulting people team senior director, discuss how companies can supporting this large and growing demographic and gain a competitive edge in the war for talent.

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Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet

If investors are making calculated decisions that are—or should be—based on business plans and projections, why is there a large gender gap?

In this episode, Katie Abouzahr, Principal, and John Harthorne, founder and CEO of MassChallenge, discuss insights for investors, startup accelerators, and women entrepreneurs seeking backers.

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John Harthorne

Founder & CEO, MassChallenge

The Dividends of Investing in Diversity

Women founded and cofounded startups raise less capital but generate the same revenue as male founded startups.

Listen as Jenny Abramson, BCG alumna and Founder & Managing Partner at Rethink Impact, and Katie Abouzahr, Principal, discuss opportunities for investors and solutions to creating equity in the VC space.

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Jenny Abramson

BCG alumna and Founder & Managing Partner at Rethink Impact

Washington, DC

Measuring What Matters in Gender Diversity

Do you know what your company should be tracking to ensure gender diversity? Are you drowning in data? Or are you guided by government mandates?

Listen to Partner Nadjia Yousif and Principal Katie Abouzahr discuss which metrics really matter when it comes to making a difference with gender diversity in an organization.

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Embracing the Opportunities in Digital and Analytics

"Digital and analytics" is a broad term that’s used a lot these days. We talk about its impact on the future of the workforce and on the work we do with clients—as well as how it is changing the way the world is moving.

Listen to Principal Lauren van der Kolk and Principal Katie Abouzahr as they discuss what this term means and the career opportunities it presents.

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Lauren Van Der Kolk



How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Want to generate inventive new ideas that can win in the market? Build management teams comprised of people with the widest possible range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Listen to Partner and Managing Director Rocío Lorenzo and Principal Katie Abouzahr as they discuss the relationship between diversity and innovation.

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Getting the Most from Your Diversity Dollars

Companies are investing, but gender diversity programs are not having the impact they should.

Listen to Senior Partner and Managing Director Matt Krentz and Principal Katie Abouzahr as they discuss how companies can get a better return on their diversity dollars: by advancing proven measures and looking out for hidden gems and by avoiding overrated initiatives that drain the budget and don’t move the needle.

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Dispelling the Myths of the Gender “Ambition Gap”

Ambition is not a fixed attribute, nor is it impacted by the decision to become a parent. Ambition is nurtured—or damaged—by the daily interactions and opportunities women face in a company over time. CEOs and leaders can reinforce ambition in women by creating the right culture, thus improving the diversity—and success—of their leadership teams.

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How Millennial Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Millennial men make up a critical constituency, and companies should engage them in shaping family policies and to improve gender diversity.

Listen to Partner and Managing Director Michael Tan and Principal Katie Abouzahr as they discuss the changes to the workplace that millennial men will bring, and the five ways companies can prepare to attract and retain top talent and improve the workplace for everyone.

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Michael Tan



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