Bracing for Headwinds – How APAC Challenger Banks Can Navigate Disruption in 2023

Sumit Kumar Yashraj Erande Yang Yu Nisha Bachani Shobhit Shubhankar

The banking landscape has seen significant changes over the past decade, as technology continues to unlock new banking opportunities. These changes have paved the way for Digital Challenger Banks (DCBs) to gain traction across the globe, where they’re disrupting the traditional landscape and fighting incumbent banks for market share.

Although DCBs remain one of the most active and promising Fintech sectors, there are clear signs that 2023 will continue to be challenging, as a result of: interest rate hikes, funding winter, recession.

This paper examines the abovementioned headwinds, and analyzes how they’re likely to play out for DCBs should they occur. It also discusses how DCBs in Asia Pacific can navigate these trying times in order to remain resilient.