The Might of Nature and the Power of Technology: Charting a Climate-Resilient Southeast Asia

Dave Sivaprasad Varad Pande Anis Mohd Nor Timmy Caparros Ian Tan Hamdan Majeed Ahila Ganesan Loy Yoong Shin Lakshmi Lavanya Rama Iyer Cheo Seng Kong (Tommy)

Southeast Asia is a global socio-economic and biodiversity powerhouse, slated to become the world's fourth largest economy and hosting the third-largest labor force globally by 2030. Yet, the region finds itself highly vulnerable to natural disasters due to climate change, making the region a global hotspot for climate challenges.

Southeast Asia’s vulnerability is not just a regional concern - there are far-reaching implications globally as well. However, within these challenges lie immense opportunities. For instance, Southeast Asia’s abundant natural assets allow the region to leverage on the world’s oldest solution: nature-based solutions (NbS). Meanwhile, technological advancements, especially advanced analytics and artificial intelligence offer the newest avenue of promise.

The true transformative potential, however, lies in the convergence of nature and technology.

To enable this transformation by harnessing collective action, BCG is delighted to launch, in partnership with Think City and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Southeast Asia Climate Adaptation and Resilience (SEACAR) Alliance at COP28 in Dubai.

SEACAR’s launch report, “The Might of Nature and the Power of Technology: Charting a Climate-Resilient Course for Southeast Asia”, presents a unified vision for Southeast Asia’s road to resilience. It outlines the insights and strategies to forge impactful actionable pathways for the region. It aims to serve as a call to action for stakeholders across the region to tap into the combined strength of nature and technology.

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