2024 US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report

Our Vision for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

BCG strives to continuously challenge injustice, discrimination, and prejudice and inspire all to advance equity and inclusion—within our workplace, our work, and our world.

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Our Workplace

We can only fulfill BCG’s purpose of unlocking the potential of those who advance the world if our teams are made up of diverse individuals who are treated equitably in an inclusive work environment. Our DEI report shows how we’re working to make that happen.

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Our Work

As we address diversity, equity, and inclusion within BCG, we’re finding innovative, valuable ways to empower our clients to do the same, helping them drive DEI impact that reverberates across their organizations and their communities.

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Our World

Beyond the impact we can drive through our client work, we use our expertise, partnerships, and networks to catalyze change, amplifying commitments within industry and investing in diverse communities and customer segments.

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Our Workplace

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DEI starts at the top. In 2023, BCG’s leaders knew it was more important than ever to stay committed to the firm’s goals. Our DEI report details how they did this, leading with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind.

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One key to this work is building an inclusive work environment. We share how leaders, such as BCG’s Tiffany Yeh, drive inclusion through initiatives like our Inclusion Accelerator, holding events that celebrate diverse cultures and support local businesses.

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Our Diversity Affinity Networks and DEI Communities also continue to thrive, supporting 75% of our North American staff. In 2023, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Pride@BCG. Like our other affinity networks, Pride@BCG has come to represent an incredibly diverse, inclusive, and engaged group, creating opportunities for learning and shared connections while fostering a stronger sense of inclusion for our employees.

Our Work

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BCG’s InnovateHer is a multidisciplinary client offering and community addressing gaps in women’s access to health and wealth. Women are chronically underserved by both the health care and financial services sectors, and InnovateHer explores these gaps as well as how to enact change.

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BCG’s thought leadership in DEI helps our clients and partners deepen and amplify their social impact, with our insights covering a range of topics. For example, BCG partnered with the Capital One Insights Center to dive deeper into the issue of the racial wealth gap and better understand how to address the persistent challenges faced by minority business owners.

Our World

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First Women’s Bank is the only bank in the country founded, owned, and led by women and has a strategic focus on empowering women entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders. BCG is a Mission Partner in the bank, helping to build its reserves and supporting several women-owned small businesses that received funding from the bank.

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We are proud of the many BCGers who were recognized in 2023 for their contributions to DEI. At events across the US, BCG Senior Advisor James H. Lowry shared insights about how to strengthen the minority business ecosystem. The impact of his work and his many awards represent a lifetime of championing diversity, inclusion, and minority entrepreneurship.

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