BCG’s Strategic Technology and Services Partnerships

Engaging diverse ecosystems of strategic partners is changing how global enterprises collaborate and compete. BCG engages leading technology and services organizations to serve business imperatives, develop collaborative offerings, build capabilities, as well as reveal new opportunities and business models for the clients and communities we serve.

Our partner ecosystem provides us with unique access to capabilities, skills, and resources to better serve our clients, as well as develop cooperative opportunities in pursuit of new business models and market opportunities.

Our Technology and Services Ecosystem

Explore Outcomes and Insight from Our Partnerships

Reimagining Resilience


A Partnership That Delivers GenAI Value

Sharon Marcil, chair of BCG North America, and Deb Cupp, president of Microsoft Americas, talk about partnering to help clients unlock creativity, efficiency, and value with GenAI—and the challenges companies face along the way.


Empowering People and the Planet with GenAI

Matthias Tauber, who leads BCG’s work in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Africa, and Ralph Haupter, president of Microsoft EMEA, discuss the positive impacts GenAI can have on climate, productivity, and ways of working.


BCG’s Collaboration with Intel

The ability to scale AI applications continues to challenge businesses across industries. Our collaboration with Intel brings together BCG’s transformation expertise, BCG X’s engineering capabilities, and Intel’s AI hardware and software in order to rapidly create enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for our clients—securely and responsibly.


Circelligence by BCG Now Available on SAP® Store

Built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), Circelligence by BCG Employs a Unique and Holistic Assessment Methodology to Enable Customers to Evaluate and Understand How Much of Their Business Complies With the Principles of the Circular Economy

Digital at Scale

Any Company Can Become a Resilient Data Champion | rectangle

Any Company Can Become a Resilient Data Champion

Data champions have outperformed laggard peers across major indicators such as revenue growth, sustainability, lead times, and employee attrition—a performance gap that is expected to widen.


Combining Collective Talents to Develop Transformative Solutions for Clients

Julia Chen, VP of Partner Core at AWS, shares how partnering with BCG is enabling our clients to innovate on top of their cloud-based technology, which in turn accelerates the achievement of business outcomes. Together, AWS, BCG and now BCG X will continue to unlock new transformation opportunities at scale.


A Partnership for True Transformation in Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our lifetime, but nine out of ten organizations have not cut their emissions in line with their own ambitions over the past five years. A partnership between BCG and SAP will bridge that gap and help accelerate our clients’ net-zero journeys, allowing them to transform at an unprecedented pace.

Pivot to Personalization


Out of the Lab and Into a Product: Microsoft’s Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd, Microsoft’s corporate vice president, AI platform, joins this episode of the Me, Myself, and AI podcast to discuss the company’s Azure products and services and what recent technological advances like the ChatGPT chatbot from Microsoft partner OpenAI mean for the democratization of artificial intelligence tools and technologies.

The Digital-Physical Intersection


BCG at AWS re:Invent 2023

As a strategic alliance partner to AWS, BCG is looking forward to engage with global leaders on the future of tech innovation at re:Invent 2023, taking place November 27–December 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“BCG’s partner ecosystem is comprised of leaders with global reputation and reach, enabling us to assemble and engage cross-disciplinary teams, capabilities, and perspectives. Through strategic collaboration, we deliver value that powers meaningful and sustained transformation today, as well as cooperatively uncovers new opportunities and solutions for tomorrow.”

Jack Grey
Global Strategic Alliances Senior Director

Our Alliances Ecosystem Leadership Team