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BCG-WEF Project: Digital Health Care Transformation

While digital, data, and AI have extraordinary potential to revolutionize our global health care systems, they have yet to deliver a transformative impact. How can the public and private sectors accelerate progress?

Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Health Care Systems 

The need for digital health innovations is at an all-time high. Health systems around the world are facing record-high health care costs and severe workforce shortages as demand for care is growing—and as inequities persist. Consider these statistics:  

  • Approximately $1.8 trillion in health care spending is wasteful.   
  • By 2030, we will face a shortage of more than 10 million health care workers.  
  • Chronic conditions, which already account for 70% to 90% of total health spending in the EU and US, are becoming more prevalent. 
  • Health care access and outcomes vary massively between and within countries.  

To solve these challenges, we must invest in a digital health care transformation. Many digital health innovations are already available on the market, and leading health systems are leveraging these innovations to optimize the patient journey and help health care workers be more efficient and effective. However, we have yet to see transformative impact of digital, data, and AI across health care systems. 

We need to approach the problem differently. Health care system leaders must first define a robust and forward-thinking digital strategy, and then they must put in place the key enablers that will allow digital health to scale. These enablers include:  

  • Developing digital health capabilities   
  • Building a robust digital health care infrastructure  
  • Unlocking value from data  
  • Aligning incentives among diverse stakeholders and ensuring sufficient funding   
  • Creating fit-for-purpose regulations and policies  

Delivering on the promise of digital and AI in health care will also require an ecosystem mentality. No single actor can bring about the digital health transformation. Stakeholders from all sectors must come together to solve our biggest health care challenges. A robust ecosystem can tackle our most entrenched problems and scale solutions quickly in ways that individual digital solutions cannot. Public-private collaboration will be especially important as we search for innovative solutions to complex health care challenges and put in place the enablers needed for system transformation. 

In this report, we lay out the major health care challenges that digital can address; identify the key enablers that need to be in place to accelerate the adoption and impact of digital solutions; share best practices and success stories; and chart a path forward to accelerate the journey toward a successful digital transformation in health care. 

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