Bernhard is a Managing Director and Senior Partner in Munich. He is leading BCG’s global Compliance and Non Financial Risk teams across all industries. He is part of the global leadership team. Bernhard has worked with many multinational companies around the world on issues related to governance, digitization, risk management, and compliance.

Bernhard has more then twenty years of experience in Regulation, ESG, Compliance Operational Risk and Financial and Non Financial Risk.

He is author of several books and articles about regulation, compliance and non financial risk management.


  • PhD, information science, big data, and business intelligence, Ludwig-Maximilians-University
  • Master's degree, business, strategic management, and information science, Ludwig-Maximilians-University
  • Master's degree, business science and business research, Ludwig-Maximilians-University
  • Research Fellow, London School of Economics
  • Scholar, Friedrich Naumann Foundation