Briar Thompson is a lead member of Boston Consulting Group's Public Sector and Social Impact practices, as well as the firm’s Education Employment and Welfare team. Briar is passionate about improving economic mobility, and many of her projects in the education space have focused either on helping students from diverse and low-income backgrounds gain access to higher education, or on building stronger connections between education and the workforce. While at BCG, Briar has supported various government, foundation/philanthropy, non-profit, international development, and private sector clients across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. She has covered topics including strategy, change management, digital transformation, and organization design and transformation. In addition to her client work, she actively supports the BCG New York office in recruiting advanced degree candidates (PhDs, MD, JDs, and postdocs). She is also active within Women@BCG, AccessAbility@BCG, and Indigenous@BCG.

Briar is active in the New York community, serving on the junior board of Greyston (a social enterprise dedicated to creating job opportunities) and on the board of Pharos Academy Charter School.

Before completing her graduate studies, Briar worked in public relations for the University of Waikato in New Zealand. She has also held teaching assistant roles in Spain, Jamaica, and New Zealand; worked as a consultant in the Ministry of Environment and Communications in the Kingdom of Tonga; and volunteered in refugee resettlement efforts in New Zealand.


  • MPP and MSc, Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, Rhodes Scholar, University of Oxford
  • Bachelor of Communications Studies, University of Waikato, New Zealand


  • Rhodes Scholar (New Zealand & Somerville, 2012)