Gerry Hansell is a senior member of Boston Consulting Group’s Corporate Finance & Strategy and Industrial Goods practices. He is the global leader for BCG’s growth strategy and value patterns work. Gerry was also a BCG Fellow from 2010 through 2017.

As a fellow, Gerry’s research focused on the value patterns that describe how a company’s starting position at a given time shapes the range and types of strategic moves that are most likely to create value for that company. The common types of value patterns that inform a company’s investment thesis and strategic agenda are defined, not by industry, but by business model economics and investor appeal. Different value patterns show different types of priorities, trade-offs, and risks.

Gerry worked with both corporate leaders and professional investors to explore how the insights from value patterns can be used to drive sustained corporate success and value creation.

At BCG since 1992, Gerry’s consulting has focused on helping clients define and implement strategies for shareholder value creation across a wide range of situations and industries. He works with senior corporate leaders and their key stakeholders—including boards and owners—to create alignment on strategies for competitive success and value creation.

Before joining the firm, Gerry was a financial analyst with Morgan Stanley in New York and Australia, where his work focused on chemical and energy industry M&A.