Monish Kumar joined The Boston Consulting Group in 2001. He focuses on retail financial services, including insurance, credit, and banking. Monish has led assignments in customer segmentation, channel management, retail e-commerce, and operations and technology restructuring. He is a topic expert in postmerger integration in financial institutions.

Monish has also led projects with asset and wealth managers in the areas of overall growth and profit improvement, customer segmentation, channel and wholesaling management, and pricing.

Before joining BCG, Monish headed product management and business strategy at, a retail financial-services portal founded by Ameritrade. He also worked with the financial-services practice of Booz Allen Hamilton in New York and in corporate planning and new-venture management with Tata Industries in Mumbai.

Monish is the author of working papers published in the journal of Strategy + Business and has presented at conferences, including the Consumer Bankers Association Investment Sales Conference.


  • MA, international affairs and international business, Columbia University
  • MBA, Indian Institute of Management
  • BTech, Indian Institute of Technology