Measuring Diversity and Inclusion

BCG’s proven diversity and inclusion analytics—and extensive expertise—can help you track the right metrics to drive change.

BCG’s Diversity and Inclusion Assessment for Leadership (DIAL) tool analyzes diversity and inclusion benchmarking data within and across industries and geographies. By drawing on our database of more than 25,000 responses from around the globe, we help companies identify the right targets and metrics to keep people strategy moving in a positive direction.

Our Approach to Measuring Diversity and Inclusion Data

BCG draws on real-world experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion to customize our approach to client needs. We provide a robust foundation and framework for tracking diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure progress is made and embedded in your organization’s business and people processes. We can also help you communicate the purpose of your efforts to build buy-in throughout the organization.


How We Measure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our diversity and inclusion analytics, paired with our proven framework, help companies focus their business, employees, organizational culture, and efforts on the metrics that matter most in five primary areas:






Our Insights on Measuring Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to DEI

A Closer Look at the Future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Companies must take a more comprehensive approach to diversity and apply a more nuanced lens to analyze diversity data. Each approach to DEI will—and should—vary considerably depending on many factors, such as industry and geography, that are unique to each organization.

Know Where You Stand to Take a Stand on Equity | rectangle

Know Where You Stand to Take a Stand on Equity

Once regarded as punitive actions, equity assessments are emerging as rich opportunities for organizations willing to take a closer look at their diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

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Women in Tech

"Tech” is synonymous with opportunity. When women work and lead in tech, they capture—and contribute—their share of that potential.

Our Experts in Diversity and Inclusion Analytics

Our experts in diversity and inclusion analytics partner with clients on how to measure their diversity and inclusion efforts in order to drive real change.

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