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Why Do Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter?

Why Do Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter?





BCG’s North America Center for Inclusion and Equity

We are committed to driving measurable change for various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, including Black and Indigenous people, people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, military service members and veterans, and people with disabilities. We help companies reimagine their business strategy in a way that eliminates systemic bias, sparks broader social change, and creates competitive advantage.



Our holistic approach to achieving sustainable impact in diversity, equity, and inclusion is built on three pillars of action.

  • Team and Culture. We help mitigate bias and build diverse workforces, first by analyzing representation metrics at all levels—including retention rates and engagement scores. Then we assist in embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices in business processes, such as equitable personnel policies across the employee life cycle of hiring, development, and retention. And we help clients excavate their purpose and build an organizational culture that fosters inclusion and encourages diversity.
  • Business Partners and Practice. We help our clients drive innovation and create value by serving broader market segments and establishing minority supplier and distributor programs as a source of competitive advantage. By harnessing their business drivers, they can advance their total societal impact (TSI). TSI is BCG’s measure of an organization’s economic, social, and environmental effects on the world; it stands alongside total shareholder return (TSR) as a driver of corporate strategy. We ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fully considered, measured, and advanced by this lens.
  • Social Impact. We collaborate with our clients so they can use their voice, influence, and philanthropy to catalyze diversity, equity, and inclusion in their communities and around the world. We help them identify the DEI issues where the need is greatest and most aligned with their values and purpose. We also assist in building coalitions that amplify their commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion.


Our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting team partners with the private and public sector to create a diversity strategy and develop solutions for advancing DEI in the workplace. These are some of our experts on the topic.


Diversity Is Just the First Step. Inclusion Comes Next.

Companies can’t capture the real value of a diverse workforce until they create an organizational culture that welcomes everyone—truly everyone—to participate.

How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Want to generate inventive new ideas that can win in the market? Build management teams comprising people with the widest possible range of backgrounds and perspectives.

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