Nikolaus S. Lang is Boston Consulting Group’s leader for the Global Advantage practice, and a core member of the Industrial Goods and Automotive practices. Over the last 25 years, Nikolaus has supported clients on globalization and mobility related topics in more than 50 emerging and mature markets, including a large set of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Russian, Turkish, Saudi, and Brazilian clients, as well as clients from Europe and the US.

A global expert in connectivity, autonomous vehicles, car-sharing, and fleet management, Nikolaus is the founder and director of BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation, a team of urban mobility experts and digital business builders. This team advises cities, public transportation operators, and mobility and automotive companies around the globe as they create innovative and state-of-the-art mobility solutions. Nikolaus also manages BCG’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum, which is dedicated to shaping the mobility of the future and, in particular, to how autonomous vehicles impact the world’s metropoles.

Nikolaus has written publications on an array of contemporary questions that have offered insight and guidance to policymakers, clients, and BCG teams on topics such as the new era of globalization, global digital transformation, geopolitics and trade impact, global R&D networks, and mobility innovation and new megacities in emerging markets. He is also a coauthor of BCG’s book, “Beyond Great,” which describes how the world has been transformed due to social tension, economic nationalism, and technological revolution. Business leaders are encouraged to go beyond great and “adopt a radical new playbook—one that helps their companies become resilient in the face of even the most volatile situations.”

Previously, Nikolaus was a BCG Henderson Institute Fellow. He examined the art of collaboration in the digital age and the crucial role that cross-border joint ventures, alliances, and digital ecosystems play today. His research determined how to set up and manage these new global collaboration networks and strategically use them to gain a competitive edge.

Before joining BCG, Nikolaus worked in the corporate strategy department of the Austrian trading firm Bank Austria Handelsholding.


  • PhD, business administration, University of St. Gallen
  • MA, business administration, University of St. Gallen
Nikolaus Lang