CIRCelligence by BCG – It´s Time to Close Our Future Resource Loops

Alexander Meyer zum Felde Jan Oltmanns Carolin Lanfer Lena Bayer

The movement toward a circular economy could solve many of our current societal challenges, but it’s not going fast enough. The circularity of Germany’s economy is growing by 0.1 percentage points per year—currently reaching a total circularity of 10.4%. Even if the country were to double its efforts, it wouldn’t reach the required circularity of 50–70% to stay within the regenerative capacity of our planet until 2215. By comprehensively implementing circular thinking in the economic system, €140 billion–200 billion in gross value could be added to the German economy—roughly 5% of GDP in 2019. Currently, many companies struggle to integrate circular solutions holistically. CIRCelligence by BCG is a strategic approach that enables businesses to integrate their circular strategy into their core business strategy in a way that delivers major economic benefits and also maximizes total societal value.