The 2017 Value Creators Report

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Disruption and Reinvention in Value Creation: The 2017 Value Creators Report

By Gerry HansellJeff KotzenAlexander RoosEric WickJody FoldesyEric OlsenSam FarleyMartin Link, and Hady Farag

Disruption and Reinvention in Value Creation is the 19th annual report in the Value Creators series published by The Boston Consulting Group. Each year, we offer commentary on trends in the global economy and the world’s capital markets, share BCG’s latest research and thinking on value creation, and publish detailed empirical rankings of the world’s top value creators. 

This year’s report addresses two related themes. The first is how companies can create value in times of disruption by adjusting their strategies and business models on the fly. The second theme is how value creation leaders can outperform both in the near term and consistently over time by adjusting the levers that deliver TSR. The report includes three articles that were published during 2017. It also includes the rankings of the top ten value creators worldwide and in 32 industries for the five-year period from 2012 through 2016.