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A New Ag Deal: A 9-Point Plan For Climate-Smart Agriculture

The world’s top food producers are making sustainable agriculture a strategic priority. Backed by sizeable funding and bold policy measures, Canada’s peers are laying the foundations for formidable climate-smart food supply chains. Amid these dramatic investment and policy shifts, a pivotal moment is emerging for Canadian agriculture. The sector risks falling behind if Canadian governments don’t match their competitors in supporting producers with the funding and policy tools to grow more food with fewer emissions.

Canada is already falling behind. As of the latest comparable data in 2021, the agriculture sectors in the U.S., EU, Australia and China got significantly more climate funding than Canadian governments provided. Yet the expectations placed on our farmers are growing: to produce more in the face of climate challenges, to cut emissions and to help boost global food security. The right policy measures will help strengthen our economy, soften geopolitical threats and accelerate emissions reductions.

This report lays out nine polices across five areas—soil, methane, fertilizers, talent & technology, and consumers—that can slingshot Canada’s agriculture sector to the forefront of the next green revolution and compete globally.

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