AI Powered Tech Services: A Roadmap for Future Ready Firms

Rajiv Gupta Sudhanshu Chawla Sambhav Jain Trishla Selarka Sangeeta Gupta Achyuta Ghosh Namita Jain

AI’s ascent to a place of strategic relevance has been deep and swift as exemplified by the fact that the global AI Software & Services market is already valued at ~$100 Bn and is expected to reach $300-320 Bn by 2027.

With this context, BCG and NASSCOM partnered to delve deeper into the AI ecosystem in India and create a comprehensive six-dimensional framework to evaluate the AI maturity landscape across India's tech ecosystem while focusing on key elements like AI for Clients, Vision & Governance, Operational Model, People, Data, and Technology. The overarching aim of this report is to identify and showcase the path taken by different players on their AI journey in an attempt to identify key learnings and define the right set of strategic actions required for optimally preparing for an AI future.