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Why Business Building in Asia Begins with Talent

Peter Cho Swarnima Korde Jayme Tan Julia Felts

In today's dynamic landscape, business building has emerged as a vital strategy for corporates, crucial for both accelerating growth and staying relevant. Central to the success of any business-building initiative is the access to specialized Talent. Companies are increasingly recognizing the substantial value business building brings to their organizations. Despite the myriad challenges and complexities, the journey often starts with finding the right Talent.

Our previous report, "Navigating Business Building in Asia," highlighted that Talent is the most critical strategic asset for enabling breakthrough business building. However, it remains the most lacking resource in this region. The Talent required for business building is unique, combining a founder’s mentality with the ability to leverage corporate strategic assets. While some of this entrepreneurial Talent can be sourced internally, companies often need to attract external candidates, which requires rethinking traditional hiring practices.

In this report, we delve into the core challenges business leaders face in securing the Talent they need. We offer actionable recommendations derived from real-world experiences and insights.