Unlocking Success in Corporate Banking through Digital

Saurabh Tripathi Prateek Roongta Varun Kejriwal Rajaram Suresh

Today's corporate banks operate in a challenging and turbulent environment. To thrive in this environment, corporate banks need to ride the digital wave and leverage the currency of big data with one of the most powerful tools of modern banking – advanced analytics. Firstly, banks can diversify their portfolio, combat sector volatility and boost their fee income by developing productized solutions for clients across priority sectors. Secondly, banks can achieve operational excellence by digitizing their front-end channels (by developing digital RM tools) and their back-office processes (end-to-end customer journey digitization). Lastly, corporate banks can leverage big data and advanced analytics to transform their topline through a mix of pricing, selling and retention algorithms. By crawling the vast trove of historic customer and transaction data with AI engines and Machine Learning algorithms, banks stand to strengthen the advisory role of the RMs, improve conversions and ultimately augment their fee income.