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環境省主催 脱炭素経営フォーラム(2022年度)開催のお知らせ

2023年2月6日 ―― 経営コンサルティングファームのボストン コンサルティング グループ(以下、BCG)は、2023(令和5)年3月6日にオンラインで開催される環境省主催「脱炭素経営フォーラム(2022年度)」を、事務局として支援いたします。本フォーラムを通じて、脱炭素経営に関する取り組み事例を共有し、バリューチェーン全体での企業の脱炭素化に向けた取り組みを推進することを目指します。

What Job Seekers Wish Employers Knew | rectangle

For In-Demand Job Seekers, a Poor Recruiting Experience Is a Deal Breaker

BCG and The Network Launch a New Study Based on a Survey of More than 90,000 People from 160 Countries—the World’s Largest Survey Dedicated to Exploring Job Seekers’ Recruitment Preferences74% of Respondents Are Approached Multiple Times per Year About Job Opportunities; 39% Are Approached Every Month68% of Job Seekers Feel That They Are in a Strong Negotiating Position When Looking for a Job52% Would Refuse an Otherwise Attractive Offer if They Had a Strong Negative Experience During the Recruitment ProcessBOSTON—Despite a possible economic slowdown, global unemployment rates remain low and employers still feel the impact of the Great Resignation. It’s not easy to win over top talent, especially in high-demand fields. Furthermore, most job candidates are aware of their attractiveness to employers, as 74% of employees around the world are approached multiple times per year about new job opportunities—and 39% of those are approached every month. In addition, 68% of job seekers feel that they are in a strong negotiating position when looking for a job, and 69% of candidates expect prospective employers to demonstrate some openness to negotiating conditions after making an initial offer. Only 14% feel that employers hold the reins in job offer negotiations. Confidence is highest among those who work in finance, business, and sales and lowest among manual workers, nonprofit workers, and volunteers.

Protectionism, Pandemic, War, and the Future of Trade | rectangle

Global Trade Growth to Lag Behind GDP for the First Time in 25 Years, While Familiar Trade Patterns Will See Massive Shifts

New BCG Analysis Finds World Trade Will Grow 2.3% Annually Through 2030—Less than the 2.5% Increase Forecast for Global Economic GrowthSoutheast Asia Forecast to See New Commerce Boost Trade by More than $1 TrillionCompanies Should Continue Diversifying Their Business Networks and Build Resilience to Adapt to the Evolving Global Economic SituationBOSTON—The Ukraine conflict has replaced the pandemic as the leading strain on global trade. For the first time in 25 years, global trade in the coming decade will grow at a slower rate than gross domestic product (GDP), and familiar trade patterns will shift, according to a new report released today by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Put Talent at the Top of the Sustainability Agenda | Rectangle

To Reach Sustainability Goals, Organizations Must Address Critical Sustainability Skills Gap

New Research from BCG and Microsoft Finds Significant and Widening Sustainability Skills Gap as Increasing Number of Companies Make Commitments to Reduce EmissionsCompanies Could Face Upskilling Up to 150 Million People in Under Ten Years to Turn Sustainability Ambitions into ActionRoughly 2/3 of Sustainability Leaders Are Hired from Within; More Resources Needed to Support Skill-Building Efforts for Initial Talent and to Scale Efforts Across the OrganizationBOSTON—From 2007 through 2022, the number of companies setting science-based targets has grown by a factor of 36—to more than 4,200 companies. According to separate BCG research, only 17% of those that have set targets are on track to meet them. Meeting these goals will require organizations to embed sustainability across their business; however, according to new research by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Microsoft released today, there is a systemic sustainability skills gap that must first be closed.

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