Joachim Engelhard joined Boston Consulting Group in 2001. He is a core group member of the Health Care practice, where he is on the health care knowledge team focusing on payers and providers.

Joachim leads the global payer-and-provider knowledge team, which consists of dedicated industry analysts around the world who have different backgrounds, experience, and seniority. In this role, he spearheads and coordinates development of payer- and-provider-related knowledge products and intellectual capital such as proprietary market research, industry benchmarking, and proprietary tools with specialized analytical and big-data requirements. He also coordinates the analytical and knowledge support of BCG’s payer- and provider-related case teams.

As a knowledge expert, Joachim works extensively to help develop strategy, innovate products, and manage cost of care for European payer organizations. On the provider side, he has many years of project experience in developing portfolio strategies, consolidating services, and M&A as well as reducing costs and optimizing hospital processes. Joachim´s experience comes from a spectrum of client projects in many countries, including more than three years of work in the U.S. This allows him to apply international perspective and insight to clients’ specific challenges.


  • Diploma, business administration, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
  • Certificate in hospital management and marketing