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Climate action is an ongoing process, not an event, and it requires extraordinary collaboration. COP27 served as a critical opportunity for business and government leaders to double down on their climate goals, forge new collaborations, and achieve innovative solutions—together. BCG’s climate experts joined leaders around the world in Sharm El-Sheikh to seek innovative solutions to the problems caused by climate change. Here’s a snapshot of the headlines and insights.

Highlights from COP27


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私たちはCOP27のコンサルティング・パートナーとして、気候変動対策への機運を高めるために、COP27議長に指名されたエジプトのサーメハ・シュクリ外相とそのチームと直接協働します。また、ハイレベル気候行動チャンピオンに任命されているエジプトのマフムード・モヒールディン博士と英国のナイジェル・トッピング氏をひき続き支援し、彼らが主導する「Race to Zero」や「Race to Resilience」などのキャンペーンを通じて、気候変動対策の前進を図ります。BCGは、COP26のコンサルタンシー・パートナーにひき続き、以下のような強みを活かして貢献します。

Spotlight on Africa

Advancing Sustainable Growth Across Africa

Of the 50 countries most vulnerable to climate change, 35 are in Africa. Sanda Ojiambo, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact; Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, highlights how businesses can work together to make Africa more resilient.

Farming Innovations Tackle Hunger in Africa

Bernhard Kowatsch, head of the UN World Food Programme's innovation accelerator, explains how vulnerable communities in Africa are growing food in impossible places.

The Power of Nature-Based Solutions in Africa

Alice Ruhweza, WWF's Regional Director for Africa, explores the ways communities in Africa are harnessing the power of nature to address their most pressing climate change challenges.

Ethiopia's Coffee Farmers as Climate Heroes

Rikin Gandhi, cofounder and executive director of Digital Green, explores how coffee farmers in Ethiopia are empowered to pioneer sustainable agriculture.

Meet Our Global Leadership Delegation

As the exclusive COP27 consulting partner, BCG has sent several of our experts to attend the climate change conference at COP27. On site, our experts are presenting, discussing, and exploring ideas for strategies aimed at meeting the COP27 goals.

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BCG at COP27