BCG at COP28



Highlights from COP28


Unleashing AI in the Climate Fight

Will AI give humanity the edge it needs to achieve climate goals? The potential is there, but some obstacles remain. Google’s chief sustainability officer, Kate Brandt, joins BCG’s global chair, Rich Lesser, to discuss the biggest opportunities and explore the risks ahead.

Harnessing Technology to Scale Climate Initiatives

How are innovation and technology being leveraged to build climate resilience in developing regions across Africa?  Axian CEO, Hassanein Hiridjee and BCG’s Patrick Dupoux explore.

The Role of Technology Companies in Society Today: An Interview with Brad Smith, President & CLO, Microsoft

Tech companies are shifting to a purpose-led vision—thinking not about shareholders alone but about all the stakeholders they serve.


Leaving Nobody Behind

Financial institutions have an invaluable role to play in driving climate progress in Africa. Coalitions have the potential to supercharge progress.

Equity in Sustainability

Ensuring a just transformation to sustainable energy and food systems is essential. Sir Alok Sharma, Rockefeller Foundation’s Elizabeth Yee, and BCG’s Veronica Chau and Naomi Desai discuss how climate financing can protect the most vulnerable communities across the world.

Financing Sustainability

Financial institutions are key to tackling the climate crisis and staying on course to hit emissions goals. ING’s Mark Pieter de Boer and BCG’s Eriola Beetz discuss the challenges and opportunities for banks in sustainability.


Enabling the Future of the Energy Sector

CEO of ACWA Power, Marco Arcelli, and BCG’s Pattabi Seshadri explore the opportunities and challenges that come with renewable project development and discuss the role ACWA Power is playing in the future of the energy sector.

The Energy Transition in South Africa

Learn how companies like Sasol can embark on innovative projects that drive change, including renewable energy and new financial strategies, to help the country reach it’s net-zero goals.

Hydrogen Is the Answer

Parker Meeks, CEO of Hyzon, explains why hydrogen is essential to decarbonization and what it will take to scale the needed infrastructure.






Why Trade Is on the COP28 Agenda

Global trade will increasingly shape and be shaped by the push to slash global emissions—with major economic implications, particularly for countries struggling to decarbonize.


Sustainability in Private Equity, 2023

Hundreds of PE firms have reported data detailing the progress that their portfolio companies are making on social and climate-related issues. The results are encouraging.


The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability