New Rules for ESG & Climate Compliance in an Era of Increased Regulation

In almost every industry, companies are under rising pressure to ensure that they are setting the highest standards in respect of the environment, social responsibilities, and governance (ESG). Not only do their customers expect it, but investors are increasingly focused on allocating capital to organizations that manifestly operate with clean hands. In addition, the regulatory agenda is picking up pace, with companies facing significant sanctions where they fail to comply.

Corporate leaders seeking to manage ESG and climate risks more effectively need to embed awareness of the many variables associated with the topic deeply into their decision-making processes. In addition, consideration of ESG matters should be reflected in almost every aspect of daily operations – from finance, to location services, talent management, the supply chain, and logistics. Based on a simple three-step process, BCG has developed a transformational approach to making this happen. The methodology encourages companies to develop a comprehensive understanding of their potential exposures and regulatory risks, and to incorporate these into a dedicated ESG and climate compliance target operating model.  If you interested in learning more, the white paper provides details. We hope you enjoy reading and, as ever, we welcome your feedback and comments.