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Value Creation in Oil and Gas 2018: Managing the Price Cycle

As crude rebounds, companies that can successfully build resilient strategies to create value will be the industry leaders.

Mastering Scale in Renewables

Mastering Scale in Renewables

New entrants in renewable energy will need to think holistically, take a long-term approach, and understand the financial impact of different scale levers in order to succeed.


The Last Oil Price Boom May Be in Sight

A dramatic upsurge could start later this year and end within 18 months. What’s more, it could be the world’s last—a boon for efforts to combat climate change.

A New Course for Climate in the US - Rectangle new

A New Course for Climate in the US?

President Joe Biden has proposed the most ambitious climate policy in American history. How should companies get ready for the changes that are coming?


Oil & Gas Investor Survey

Despite maintaining a positive outlook on future demand, investors want the O&G industry to meet emissions reduction targets and seek green portfolio alternatives.

Profiting from Shale in Five Phases

By viewing production cycles through the lens of specific strategic phases, the shale oil segment can avoid costly errors.

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