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BCG in Italy Innovation Challenge

Entrepreneur and start-ups play an important role in fostering innovation. Our first-ever BCG in Italy Innovation Challenge is dedicated to accelerating the growth of the most pioneering business ventures in deep tech.

At BCG, we strive for nurturing great ideas, transforming them into groundbreaking solutions that contribute to a better future. We firmly believe that smart collaboration is the leading way to give the most promising start-ups the leg up they need. Tell us about your project by filling out the application form by 15 FEBRUARY 2024.

Participate in a strategy workshop and win a consulting project - the applications will be reviewed by THE SEEDS, a BCG team that helps start-ups to build their future. The 10 startups with the most exciting challenges will be invited for a workshop with the best BCG experts and external profiles. Be prepared to pitch:

  • Who you are & what is your mission - 5 mins
  • What is your most challenging dilemma and what are your first hypothesis to solve it - 10 mins.

Expect to receive advice in dedicated sessions.
The event will be held in BCG Milan premises in the mid of June 2024.

Meet the 2023 Edition’s Winning Start-Ups

Sidereus Space Dynamics

Massimiliano, Sidereus Space Dynamics co-founder and CFO, describes their mission focused on the space industry and his vision on how BCG can help them to further drive the business.

Sinergy Flow

Alessandra, Sinergy Flow co-founder and CEO, elaborates the start-up's effort in advancing innovation in the battery manufacturing industry.

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