Norway’s Competitiveness in the Energy Transition

Børge Kristoffersen Nils Klever Robert Hjorth Rolf Erik Tveten Kjetil Sonerud Karine Mogen Jørgen Tvedt Ingunn Haldorsen

What country has the best foundation for creating economic growth and jobs related to the energy transition and why? Our ‘temperature gauge’ ranks select countries’ competitive positions in the energy transition. Despite receiving high scores on several fundamental dimensions, Norway ends outside the podium in the analysis we did together with The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). Norway – and all other countries – can learn from the best (e.g. Denmark) and needs to quickly set a clear and consistent direction for the energy transition, create a holistic strategy that connects strengths across all dimensions, establish partnerships across public and private sectors, and ensure accountability for progress. By implementing these measures, Norway can start dreaming of the podium.