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BCG in Pittsburgh


BCG set down roots in Pittsburgh in 2017, when BCG Platinion acquired MAYA Design, a digital design and innovation lab founded in 1989 by three Carnegie Mellon University professors. In May 2019, we broadened our presence in the city by expanding to a full BCG consulting office. This larger footprint allows us to bring BCG’s core strategic offering to the region, while we continue to partner with clients to support their digital transformations through human-centered design.

Who We Work With

The Pittsburgh regions sits at the nexus of American industry’s past and future. More than a dozen Fortune 1,000 companies have their headquarters here, and the energy, industrial goods, and health care sectors are thriving—just as the city is proving to be a technology hub. Pittsburgh ranks behind only Silicon Valley, Boston, and Austin in highest venture capital funds per capita. Global leaders in artificial intelligence, robotics, and advanced manufacturing have also built a substantial—and growing—presence in the city.

BCG has expanded its impact across the region, partnering with a major health care organization, for example, to develop digital patient-provider tools and working with a global telecommunications player to launch and accelerate digital products. BCG in Pittsburgh is building on the foundation that BCG Platinion has already created, working with influential organizations to discover the insights that lead to lasting impact throughout the region.

Maya Studio

Integral to BCG Pittsburgh is the MAYA Studio, a studio space designed to foster collaboration and innovation though principal design practices. The space functions as an epicenter for strategic innovation at the intersection of design and business. The name MAYA comes from the principal of exploring what’s possible, while designing solutions for real people—taking after Raymond Loewy’s philosophy, “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable.” In the studio environment, our Design team collaborates with Engineering, Architecture and other BCG Platinion practices to create and deliver products and services.

Our Office Culture

We’re a high-energy, entrepreneurial, supportive group, eager to learn from each other and to help shape the future of organizations and challenge established thinking. But from the warm welcome at the front desk to the inquisitiveness of our diverse team, we are building a people-first culture. Social activities—from happy hours and Friday lunches, to yoga and meditation, to design workshops and guest speakers from our local tech community— help us build strong teams and personal connections and allow us to do our best work in a setting unlike any other in Pittsburgh.



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Pittsburg Office Address

444 Liberty Avenue
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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