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Since 1963 when founder Bruce Henderson opened BCG’s first office, the U.S. has been home to a culture of deep respect, collaboration, and integrity.

Ideas are at the core of our work, as we help our clients to grow, build sustainable competitive advantage, and drive positive societal impact. We use our offices around the country as our hubs, all of which are meticulously designed for collaboration. These hubs serve as space to make connections and leverage each person’s diverse perspective in our work to unlock new potential for our clients. We have been recognized as one of the top places to work and top consulting firm by institutions like Glassdoor, Human Rights Campaign, Fairygodboss, Vault and more!

Gender Equity Advances Us All: Equity Empowers

At BCG, our actions are guided by our firm’s values, most importantly: respect for the individual and gender equity is a clear part of this value. That’s why we are uncovering, researching, and sharing data to enable inclusive solutions such as ensuring women have equitable access to capital; building structures and programs that improve experiences for women in the workplace; and driving solutions that help assure women equitable access to health care. Let’s work together to drive measurable change.

Gender Equity Advances Us All: Equity Empowers

We are committed to removing the barriers women face at all levels in order to empower them to unlock their full potential. That’s why we are partnering with financial institutions to ensure women have equitable access to capital, driving solutions to address underfunding in women’s health care, and building programs that improve women’s workforce experience.

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A Bridge to Greater Things

A BCG program for nontraditional job candidates caught Sarah Chamberlain’s attention while she was working on her Ph.D. A decade later, she works on health issues on a global scale.

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Turning a Personal Challenge into Change

Sam Juraschka’s own health care journey convinced her more had to be done for women’s health. By creating BCG’s InnovateHer team, she built a space for her colleagues to help tackle pressing issues.

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Fighting for a Stronger Care Economy

With the encouragement of colleagues and mentors, Emily Kos turned her personal frustrations balancing career and family into BCG research that helped inform White House policy.


Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “Bring Your Whole Self to Work.” But what does that really mean in practice? We sought to find out in a new series of conversations with BCGers.

The Journey to Overcoming “Unwritten Rules” in the Workplace | Hero
Keauna Mason

The Journey to Overcoming “Unwritten Rules” in the Workplace

As a first-gen college grad, Keauna experienced code switching early in her career—hiding her authentic self to appease colleagues. Since learning how to ignore the "unwritten rules," she has been able to express herself creatively and focus on excelling in her role at BCG.

Embracing the Work-Life Philosophy of Never Settling | Whole Self | Hero
Kristi Woolsey

Embracing the Work-Life Philosophy of Never Settling

A natural artist, Kristi began her career in architecture at the age of 15. Her love for learning has remained a constant: from researching physical space and the human experience to launching an experience design company all by the age of 40.

The Ripple Effect of Bringing Your ‘Whole Self’ to Work
Al Chambers

The Ripple Effect of Bringing Your “Whole Self” to Work

Al, who manages BCG's business services office in Atlanta, gets his energy from the people around him. He brings his enthusiasm, passion for collaboration, and a work ethic he learned from his immigrant parents to the office every day.

The Power of Showing Up Authentically, Without Burden | Whole Self | Rectangle

The Power of Showing Up Authentically, Without Burden

As an engineer, veteran, Stanford and Berkeley grad, and proud daughter of immigrants from Haiti, Olivia’s experiences have shaped her approach to leadership—one rooted in finding connection with colleagues and clients.