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Companies operating in diverse environments should be developing their strategies in markedly different ways. But all too often, they are not. Research featured in Harvard Business Review shows how companies can gain an edge by matching their approach to strategy to the conditions of their industry, business function, or geographic market.

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The first chapter of Your Strategy Needs a Strategy explains why strategy has never been more important and why picking the right approach to strategy for a given business environment is critical.

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The History of Strategy

Explore the history of strategic approaches and frameworks in this interactive.

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Martin Reeves、Knut Haanæs、Janmejaya Sinha
御立尚資、木村亮示 監訳


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Your Strategy Needs a Strategy App Workshop

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy App Workshop

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy App Workshop

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy Online Learning Course

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy Online Learning Course


Professors and faculty have used Your Strategy Needs a Strategy to teach their executive and MBA students the science and art of strategy. The book is built on recent case studies, with quotes from C-level executives that make the content tangible. The teaching notes contain suggested modules, readings, and study questions for use in classroom settings.

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy Educator’s Resources: Illustrative Uses for Teaching, Harvard Business Review

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Martin Reeves on Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

In this TED talk, Reeves advocates transitioning from relying on a single "classical" approach to strategy and moving toward a more tailored approach to strategy and execution, selecting from five distinct patterns of success.

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The Biology of Corporate Survival

Understanding the principles that confer robustness in complex systems—such as tropical forests, stock markets, and even companies—can mean the difference between survival and extinction.

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Four Principles for Better Business-Building

In the 1970s and 80s, nearly half the Fortune 500 are reported to have used BCG’s growth share matrix to design and operate their strategies. Today, technology is transforming every facet of the business experience. The question arises: Is the growth share matrix still relevant?

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Sir Lawrence Freedman on the Evolution of Strategy

The professor of war studies discusses the relevance of strategy in today’s increasingly dynamic world and where the next big advances in strategy will come from.

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Biology and Strategy: Natural Strategy

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Perspectives on Strategy and Value: Insights on creating sustainable value in an uncertain world.