Stiene Riemer is the global lead for AI developments in financial institutions at Boston Consulting Group, as well as the global chapter lead for data science at BCG X, the firm's tech build and design unit. Stiene is a founding member of SmartBanking AI by BCG, a suite of customer-centric AI modules and use cases designed to address core segments in sales enablement, risk management, and various process optimizations. Stiene brings over a decade of expertise in advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI methodologies to her work leading transformative analytics and AI solutions for financial institutions.

Stiene’s rigorous experience includes collaborating with international banks to implement cutting-edge solutions to areas such as cross-selling and upselling, retention management, credit risk assessment (including credit monitoring and decision-making) and pricing, money laundering, KYC (know your client) approaches, and collections optimization.

Through her work with SmartBanking AI by BCG, Stiene is committed to empowering financial institutions to harness the full potential of data-driven insights, overcoming obstacles posed by legacy systems and fragmented data, and driving success in the dynamic landscape of finance.


  • Post-doctoral position and lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Kiel
  • PhD, high distinction, mathematics, University of Kiel
  • Diploma, high distinction, mathematics, University of Kiel


  • BCG Bruce Henderson Award