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BCG's Climate & Sustainability Hub for Innovation in Asia は、アジアにおける組織の気候変動対策の戦略策定・加速化を支援し、私たちの気候関連の課題への支援と持続可能な将来の形成への取り組みを前進させます。このハブは、気候とサステナビリティに関するBCGの世界の思考・知見から最良のものを提供し、それをさらに地域に即したサービス、組織能力、協働で強化します。



アジア地域 気候変動領域の主要エキスパート

Climate Action in Australia and New Zealand

Change is sweeping every industry as companies in Australia and New Zealand reimagine how to incorporate sustainability into business. But this is not a challenge that can be solved by one organization alone.

Our experts on climate and sustainability in Australia and New Zealand are committed to bringing the best minds, experience, and actors—government, the private sector, and civil society—together to improve climate and sustainability in our region. We seek to support organizations as they both transition to a decarbonized world and deliver nature-positive outcomes.

Highlights of Our Work

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BCGサステナブル・アース・センターは、経験豊富なAdvisory Council of Global Climateの先駆者らのガイドの下、さまざまなステークホルダーにわたるインドの気候&サステナビリティ活動のプラットフォームとして設計されています。インドのネットゼロへの取り組みに向けてイノベーションを推進し、変革を主導します。

インド 気候&サステナビリティ領域 エキスパート

Climate Change in the Middle East

BCG’s Climate and Sustainability Hub in the Middle East is working with governments and companies to tackle climate change in the Middle East, as well as broader sustainability challenges. With abundant renewable resources, deep technological know-how, and a drive to innovate, the region has the opportunity to take bold and targeted actions to address the global climate crisis and drive climate action in the Middle East.

Financing a Net-Zero Middle East | rectangle

Financing a Net-Zero Middle East

Regulators, development banks, and financial institutions hold the key to reaching net zero in the region. How can they approach the transition for the benefit of all stakeholders?

Our Purpose for Driving Climate Change in the Middle East

At BCG in the Middle East, climate and sustainability is a key priority, and the region is a driver for change. We have and will continue to work hard with our clients and partners to deliver against net-zero and circularity goals, to ensure the prosperity of future generations.

Our Experts on Climate Change in the Middle East

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The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability