Social Impact

There are many ways to make a living; working at BCG gives you the opportunity to make a difference.

More than 50 years ago, our founder, Bruce Henderson, inspired us to put forth ideas that would change the world. Today, we remain deeply committed to using our talents and resources to address global challenges and focus on topics that have an impact on some of the most underprivileged in society.

How to Get Involved

We foster an atmosphere across the firm that values social impact both during and outside of the work day. Worldwide consulting staff participate in approximately 300 social-impact client projects per year. In addition, local offices organize community service days and volunteer activities, allowing our employees to participate in mentoring and tutoring, clothing and food drives, awareness campaigns, and much more. We also encourage employees to leverage the skills honed at BCG by serving as board members for nonprofit organizations about which they’re personally passionate.

Consultants can also apply to participate in our social impact immersion and secondment programs or take leaves of absence to work at social organizations of their choice.

Social Impact Immersion Program

Social Impact Immersion Program

The Secondment Experience

Social Impact in Australia

I recently worked on a social-impact case for a largely donor-funded tertiary school in South Africa. Our recommendations will decrease the school’s cost per graduate by about 40%, in turn greatly increasing its number of graduates per year. It feels good to make a positive impact on the country that I live in, the country that my son was born in, and a country that I care so much about!” —Jacqueline Foster、Project Leader、Johannesburg

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