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BCG at the Milken Institute Global Conference

We were happy to engage with global leaders from across sectors at this year’s Milken Institute Global Conference.

The theme of this year’s conference, “Shaping a Shared Future,” reflected ongoing global disruptions as well as promising innovations—all of which impact our shared future. BCG experts, along with cross-industry leaders—including CEOs, investors, policymakers, academics, and thought leaders—convened at Milken to discuss the various challenges and opportunities. At BCG, our experts continuously explore the elements that will ready companies for the future and make the world a better place. This means developing the ability to anticipate trends in digital and AI, health care, geopolitics and global trade, climate and climate financing, among other areas—and then to build strengths to influence these trends for competitive and societal advantage.

Highlights from Milken


How Investors are Avoiding Disruption Risk

Amid economic uncertainties, investors are targeting historically resilient sectors and seeking interventions to enhance operations and performance, says BCG’s Christy Carter.

Investing in a Volatile Global Market

Scott Geary of Wellington Management looks at some of the trends investors are tracking, including inflation, opportunities in Japan and India, and health care innovation.

Navigating Market Changes with Diverse Assets

How to adapt investment strategies to a changing market? For David Geenberg of Strategic Value Partners, it means broad geographic scope and diverse asset classes.

Leveraging Growth Equity Amid Uncertain Markets

In a tough fundraising climate, investing in international entrepreneurship is a promising path to prosperity and peace. For growth equity, General Atlantic’s Martín Escobari sees hurdles and opportunities.

Navigating the Investment Hype Cycle

As the venture capital market gains momentum, B Capital’s Raj Ganguly offers strategies for investing wisely while making the most of the new opportunities.

A Tale of Two Markets

Relative to last year’s market, we now see narrowing valuation gaps and increased opportunities in lower and middle markets. David Breach of Vista Equity Partners describes how investment strategies are changing.


The Creative Potential of AI Assisted Discovery

Thomas Fink of the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences discusses AI’s role in advancing innovation and his team’s collaboration with the BCG Bruce Henderson Institute.

Meeting AI’s Data and Power Demands

AI will require significant investment in data center and power generation capacity. Carlyle’s Pooja Goyal discusses the energy mix needed to meet these demands.

AI as an Asset: Private Equity’s New Frontier

Many middle-market companies struggle to integrate AI. BCG's Greg Emerson highlights this as an opportunity for private equity operations to lead and unlock value.

The Multifaceted Impact of AI

From customer service to marketing and software development, AI is revolutionizing industries. Lightspeed’s Ravi Mhatre discusses its transformative impact.


Climate Risks Redefine Capital

Climate change is a growing financial risk. All sectors will need to evolve to integrate climate considerations into their investment frameworks, argues Stacy Swann of Resilient Earth Capital.

Empowering Women to Address the Climate Crisis

USAID’s Gillian Caldwell and BCG’s Veronica Chau discuss the Climate Gender Equity Fund—a public-private venture that empowers women and their communities.

Sustainable Cities—Good for Business, Better for the Environment

Streetlife’s Laura Fox points to a historic chance to merge environmental impact with immense economic gain, with $5 trillion likely to be available for cities’ net zero transformation.

Embracing Sustainability Standards

New global sustainability standards prompt a shift from voluntary to mandatory reporting. BCG’s Veronica Chau and IFRS’ Jingdong Hua discuss company compliance and investor communication.

A Solution for Feeding the Future

With the global population set to hit 10 billion by 2050, Air Protein’s Lisa Dyson offers a sustainable solution to grow more food on less land.

A Partnership Approach to Restoring Landscapes

Zach Knight of Blue Forest discusses how his nonprofit partners with public and private sector organizations to help finance conservation projects and other nature-based solutions.


Bringing Our Expertise to the Milken Institute Global Conference

Our BCG delegation brought deep expertise, knowledge, and experience across sectors to the conference:


Meet Our 2024 Milken Global Conference Delegation

Reconnect with our leaders who were onsite at the 2024 conference

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